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No woman can consider herself attractive if her hair looks untidy. Unfortunately, life in large cities adversely affects the health of hair, making them dull and weakened. That's why we have to resort to a variety of restorative procedures, the best of which is SPA-care.

Of course, such procedures should be conducted in beauty salons using professional cosmetics. To date, there are several similar lines, and Lebel means one of the most popular steel. This is a line of Japanese cosmetics, created on the basis of natural, environmentally friendly components. The active substances are selected in such a way as to better prevent aging of the hair, improving the health of the scalp.

The complex of medical and restorative components allows using line facilities for a variety of SPA procedures, for example, for the New Life program. It is designed to prevent hair loss and stimulate their growth, the program helps to prevent the appearance of dandruff, remove irritation and itching of the scalp. The procedure includes three stages, ensuring reliable hair cleansing and improving the blood supply to the scalp, which guarantees an improvement in growth of up to 6 cm in 3 months.

At the first stage, cosmetics of the "Cool Orange" series are used, which includes orange oil, peppermint extracts, bamboo roots and green tea. Shampoo gently cleanses the scalp, removing its keratinized cells. The product has a mild peeling effect, exfoliating and anti-inflammatory effect. Thanks to competent cleansing, the fight against dandruff and stimulation of new hair growth is carried out. This shampoo has the ability to detoxify, nourish and strengthen hair follicles. And due to the expressed cooling effect, irritation is removed, the scalp calms down.

New Life from Lebel 2In the second stage, head massage is applied with the use of the Relaxing Slime gel, thanks to which the blood circulation stimulating hair growth is strengthened. The massage session begins with the application of pre-heated to a comfortable temperature of the gel. The result is the removal of itching and a significant improvement in the condition of the scalp.

The third stage consists in applying the mask of the "Proedit" line. The type of mask is chosen according to the current state of the hair. It provides moisturizing and nourishing the scalp, helping new hair grow healthy and beautiful. To enhance the effect of the effect of cosmetics, the technique of "hot towels" is used, during which the pores are opened, providing better penetration of the active substances. After the hair is thoroughly washed with warm water. The SPA-program "New Life" is coming to an end with an easy installation using the caring line of the aroma-path.

To obtain a stable effect, it is recommended to perform the procedure regularly at a frequency of once every 7-30 days, depending on the condition of the head of hear.

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