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Pediatric Dentistry And Oral Hygiene In Children

The birth of a baby is always joyful and things get even better once your child starts showing signs of normal development. Examples of such developments that make parents ecstatic are teething, sitting up, walking, speaking among others. In as much as all these bring happiness, it marks the beginning of a life of constant change and trying to keep up with the child.

Teething, for instance, is when a baby’s teeth break through the gums and start growing. For starters, teething causes discomfort and irritation to the gums and this makes the child insert whatever they can into their mouths to try reduce the irritation. If not carefully looked after, the baby might end up swallowing indigestible material that might end up choking or blocking their passageways. There is hope, however, when one decides to consult a pediatric dentist since they can prescribe medication to reduce the discomfort caused by teething, leading to a happier baby.

In the uterus, if the oral cavity is not properly developed and parturition occurs, a cleft lip or palate usually happens. Pediatric dentists and surgeons are qualified personnel trained to deal with such defects and they have helped reconstruct the faces of many children born with a cleft lip. The formation of teeth after such reconstructive surgeries is usually undeterred and everything goes well. Severe cases warrant the aid of a physiotherapist to help with the jaw movements and facial muscle correction.

If a child’s intake of sugary foods is not regulated, they risk the formation of cavities and tooth decay. The development of a good oral hygiene routine will reduce the risk of tooth decay. Proper brushing of teeth, for instance, will definitely reduce the risk of tooth rot. By breaking down the structure holding the bacteria together, fluoride in toothpaste helps to get rid of bacteria that eats away at the tooth enamel and this leaves the tooth strong. For people with closely spaced teeth, the chances of food getting such between the teeth is high and, therefore, flossing should be a practice that is done frequently by such people, to reduce the chances of tooth decay.

For a healthy smile full of strong white teeth, proper oral hygiene should be observed. For healthy gums and teeth too, one should eat hard foods such as sugarcane, maize and carrots. Encouraging them to also stay away from snacks such as biscuits, which stick on teeth surfaces, will also help prevent tooth decay. For peace of mind, one should also schedule regular visits to the pediatric dentist to ensure the proper oral health of their children.

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